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Benefits of Papzod for Business Owners

Enhanced Project Success Rates

Papzod's model ensures precise analysis, minimizing project risks and boosting success rates, securing a higher return on investment for business owners.

Optimization for Profitable Business

With a unique dual focus on technical excellence & business refinement, Papzod delivers project document models that pave the way for profitable business ventures.

Streamlined Project Execution

Serving as your dedicated project manager, we ensure seamless project execution, meeting development standards and business requirements for a smoother process.

Top-Tier Talent Access

Papzod's development and QA model guarantees access to the best development teams, enhancing project quality and contributing to overall business success.

Benefits of Papzod for IT Development Companies

Improved Client Satisfaction

Papzod ensures clear communication, boosting client satisfaction by aligning project outcomes with expectations for IT development companies.

Efficient Resource Utilization

Acting as a middleware manager, Papzod optimizes workflows, enabling IT companies to utilize resources more efficiently and prevent scope creep.

Core Skill

With Papzod managing requirements and project intricacies, IT companies can unleash their core skills in technology and development.

Increased Sales Conversion

Papzod's dual focus on business refinement and technical feasibility, increasing the chances of successful sales conversions for IT development companies.



























Problem Statement

The CHAOS report(2020) submitted by The Standish Group indicates that:

31.1% of projects face termination during development. 52.7% encounter challenges, exceeding cost estimates by 189%, resulting in over-budget, delayed, and feature-reduced projects.

Only 16.2% succeed, completing on time and on budget with all specified features.

For large projects, these statistics worsen. McKinsey’s 2020 research shows 17% of IT projects pose a threat to a company’s existence.

BCG reports a $1.56 trillion loss in the US in 2020 due to operational failures from poor-quality software.

Problems in IT

Project Example

Let’s illustrate the impact of the current IT project development trend with an example:

XYZ Company approached ABC IT with 5 business requirements (Features 1 to 5). In the initial business requirement engineering, ABC compromised Feature 5 due to various reasons like a lack of business understanding, urgency in sales closure, or inadequate capture of elements in the final SOW.

As the sales-centric SOW moved into development, non-business-centric project management led to delays, cost overruns, and the failure to develop Feature 4.

Assuming ABC lacks a full understanding of the actual required productivity, only Features 1 and 2 function as required, while Feature 3 fails to yield any productivity. Out of the 5 features, only two are developed as required by the business.

Solution by Papzod

Papzod’s Business-Centric Project model, led by experts, comprises two key models to ensure precise capture of all business requirements in the SOW and the development of robust, business-centric features that yield optimal productivity.

Papzod Requirement Engineering Model focuses primarily on business requirements, guaranteeing the inclusion of almost 100% of the client’s business requirements in the SOW.

The Papzod QA (Auditor) Model, a crucial component, involves both business and development experts in an agile audit of each feature set for enhanced productivity at the business level.

These models operate under the Delivery Expert team, guided by the Papzod Delivery model. This model conducts data-based checks on each operation, resulting in almost 100% of the requirements being developed as needed by the business.

Post-development, Papzod’s maintenance service model ensures continuous project productivity.

IT solution by papzod


Abram Director

Papzod brilliantly transformed our vision into a cutting-edge platform. Their exceptional expertise significantly elevated the solution, leading to a phenomenal impact on our user base across brands.

Nina Fulasko Store Owner

Papzod brought to life our vision for a designer clothing brand app. Their innovative approach exceeded expectations, providing a seamless, all-inclusive solution for our brand. Exceptional team!

Andrew Johnson Project Manager

Papzod deeply understood the unique challenges of our mobile app for hourly job seekers. Their valuable insights seamlessly transformed our goals into a streamlined, effective solution.

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